Research Areas of Faculty

Cem Albayrak Developing fundamental technologies for biocatalysis, protein evolution and bioconjugation with an eye toward applications in metabolic engineering, genetic code engineering and single-cell analysis

Yaman Arkun Process dynamics, modeling and control of chemical and biological systems.

Can Erkey Engineering of materials or systems at the nano scale for a wide variety of applications, development of aftertreatment systems to reduce the emissions of harmful compounds such as NOx and CO from diesel engines.

Burak Erman Statistical Mechanics of biological systems. Multiscale hierarchical modelling of proteins: Molecular dynamics simulations, the Gaussian Network Model. Change of function of proteins upon ligand binding or mutations. In silico drug design. In silico peptide design for cancer therapy.

Halil Kavaklı Biotechnology

Özlem Keskin Computational biology and bioinformatics on protein-protein interactions and protein dynamics.

Seda Keskin Environmental and Energy Engineering, Materials Engineering

Seda Kızılel Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials that can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and biosensing applications.

Mehmet Sayar Protein/Peptide Misfolding and Degenerative Diseases; Coarse-Grained modeling of Proteins/Peptides with Molecular Dynamics; Physics of Biopolymers; Self-assembled Materials; Computational Materials Science.

Erkan Şenses Soft and active materials; Structure and dynamics of polymers, blends and nanocomposites with targeted applications in energy, environment and biology; Membranes; Rheology; X-ray and neutron scattering.

Alper Uzun Achieving an atomic-level understanding on the structure-activity relationships in catalytic systems;and on utilizing it to tailor the catalytic structures to have an ultimate control over their performance.