Prof. Yaman Arkun

Ofis: ENG 107
Telefon: +90 212 338 1313

Process dynamics, modeling and control of chemical and biological systems

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Erdal Aydın

Ofis: ENG
Telefon: +90 212 338 0914

Optimization, energy systems, artificial intelligence, process modeling and control, optimal control, decision making under uncertainty, process systems engineering

Araştırmacı Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Selmi Erim Bozbağ

Ofis: ENG 169
Telefon: +90 212 338 0964

Green chemistry, emission reduction, catalysis, supercritical fluids, nanostructured materials, mathematical modeling.

Prof. Can Erkey

Ofis: ENG 108
Telefon: +90 212 338 1866

Engineering of materials or systems at the nano scale for a wide variety of applications, development of aftertreatment systems to reduce the emissions of harmful compounds such as NOx and CO from diesel engines.

Emeritus Prof. Burak Erman

Ofis: Eng 146
Telefon: +90 212 338 1704

The use of statistical mechanics to predict protein function, protein-drug interactions and drug design

Prof. Halil Kavaklı

Ofis: ENG Z36
Telefon: +90 212 338 1708

Molecular biology and biochemistry; biological clock, drug discovery and genomics

Prof. Özlem Keskin

Ofis: ENG 224
Telefon: +90 212 338 1538

Computational systems biology, computational structural biology, bioinformatics, computational drug design, protein-protein interactions and protein dynamics.

Prof. Seda Keskin Avcı

Ofis: ENG 167
Telefon: +90 212 338 1362

Energy, molecular simulations, metal organic frameworks, porous materials, gas separations, computational material design

Prof. Dr. Seda Kızılel

Ofis: MF 165
Telefon: +90 212 338 1836

Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials that can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and biosensing applications

Doç. Dr. Mehmet Sayar

Ofis: ENG 118A
Telefon: +90 212 338 1840

Protein/Peptide Misfolding and Degenerative Diseases; Coarse-Grained modeling of Proteins/Peptides with Molecular Dynamics; Physics of Biopolymers; Self-assembled Materials; Computational Materials Science

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Erkan Şenses

Ofis: SNA Z29
Telefon: +90 212 338 0926

Soft and active materials; Structure and dynamics of polymers, blends and nanocomposites with targeted applications in energy, environment and biology; Membranes; Rheology; X-ray and neutron scattering.

Doç. Dr. Nurcan Tunçbağ

Ofis: SNA Z-28
Telefon: +90 212 338 09 25

Computational Systems Biology, Network Medicine, Network Reconstruction, Single-cell and Bulk Omic Data Analysis, Multi-omic Data Integration, Latent Driver Mutation Discovery in Cancer

Prof. Dr. Alper Uzun

Ofis: ENG 206
Telefon: +90 212 338 1754

Achieving an atomic-level understanding on the structure-activity relationships in catalytic systems;and on utilizing it to tailor the catalytic structures to have an ultimate control over their performance.